MAM - DIE BAP-Coverband - Medienecho

Wordpress Photography 10.8.2009

City Views Bonn/Bonner Sommer - Full House for MAM Concert


Saturday evening, August 8,  MAM performed live at Marktplatz in front of an estimated enthusiastic crowd of about 2000-3000 fans. The concert of the popular BAP cover band from Cologne was filled with energy. The vibrating Kölsch-rock performance ended with thunderous applause, at  exactly10 p.m.  Much to the regret of their fans in excess, because of the City of Bonn Noise Ordinance, there were no encores.

MAM are:  Klaus Drotbohm (bandleader/vocals/guitar), Alexandar Arnautovic (percussion), Marco Beier (drums), Christoph Freitag (saxophone), Klaus Kindler (bass), Oliver Küster (guitar) and Andreas Opitz (flute/e-piano).